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XIT Plan

Every client is unique.

Some want to sell a product, some want to sell a business.

We would like to help you sell your IP.

Some have a lot of revenue and profit, some do not. Our team will come up with a plan for you that is customized for the best outcomes.

XIT Strategy

The XIT Strategy is how to execute the Plan.

Unlike a business broker or private equity we will work with you for as long as it takes to package your IP and to raise your Valuation to have an outcome that you deserve. We start with a complete IP Analysis or Patent Analysis.

XIT Checklist

The Checklist is long. Unlike those that just float your income statement and balance sheet, we will spend time on all of the goodwill that you have.

Including CRM Data, eMails, Logos, Domain names, Business Listings, Phone Numbers, and more. Then how to transition out of your business into your new role.

XIT Sales

We partner with our sister company for Sales Development.

Growing your revenue, your channel, intros to strategic relationships is all part of the process to raise the Valuation.

Research is also a big part of what we offer and do for you. Research the best Strategics to sell to.

XIT Roadshow

Role-playing, maturing the message, and positioning are all meant to build your confidence in the process to ask for more than a private equity would offer.

Strategics need your solution and the resulting revenue.


Some owners wish to completely exit for whatever reasons, some do not.

Every situation is different and these options will be discussed before and during the process.

If retirement is the goal then let’s make sure all involved understand this.

XIT Strategy that works

There is an industry consolidation going on. Take your time and get the Valuation that you Deserve. We know the Strategics and what they are looking for.

This process takes time, instead of getting 5x Net Income, we will work hard to get you much more.  By going through the process with XIT Group, you will still likely get more than if you had not. This process will pay for itself.

Get the Valuation that you Deserve

Sell to your IP to a Strategic


XIT to the GAP