Looking for an EXIT?

Let XIT Group help you raise your Valuation

Get the Valuation that you Deserve

XIT Plan

Every client is unique. Some want to sell a product, some want to sell a business.

Some have a lot of revenue and profit, some do not. Our team will come up with a plan for you that is customized for the best outcomes.

XIT Strategy

The XIT Strategy is how to execute the Plan.

Unlike a business broker or private equity, we will work with you over the course of a year or maybe more to package up your IP to raise your Valuation to have an outcome that you deserve.

XIT Checklist

The Checklist is long. Unlike those that just float your income statement and balance sheet, we will spend time on all of the goodwill that you have.

Including CRM Data, eMails, Logos, Domain Names, Business Listings, Phone Numbers, and more.

Sell to a Strategic Partner

When you have that one “piece” to complete a Strategic’s solution set. When you have that one piece that a Strategic needs to win more revenue and have an end-to-end solution set.

Let XIT Group help you find those with the missing piece. It is our contention that there is a market consolidation going on and hence many Strategics will be making acquisitions. Sell to a Strategic.

Intellectual Property (IP)

Let us help you find a strategic to sell to who appreciates your IP where they can benefit from top line revenue having your IP in their product suite.

We do not simply float your Income Statement with the hopes of getting only 5x Net Income. This is not our model.

XIT Group is focused mainly on raising your valuation based on your IP that other Strategics want and need in their solution set.

Get the Valuation that you Deserve. Sell to a Strategic that needs your Solution.