About Us

XIT Group is designed to help raise your valuation

Unlike Private Equity that will tell you that they can sell/buy your company with a 5 step process.

XIT Group takes a longer term approach.  We put together a plan to sell to a Strategic Partner that wants your revenue as their revenue on a national basis with their sales team.

Do NOT settle for 5x Net Income when you can get much more.

Our approach is different from all others

XIT Group, for most deals, only charges for the Sales Development portion of this exercise.

As you hire VO Sales Group, the Consultants work on a funding only model to get paid.

On some very large deals there may be an upfront Onboarding fee.

Most engagements would be at least one year.

Stephen Zarick, CEO

Stephen is the President and current owner of VO Sales Group, Speaker, Sales Strategist, Sales Trainer and Exit Consultant

He has been in the Sales and Technology space for over 30 years. Stephen has helped companies raise money, and sell their company. Stephen himself sold his previous company to a publicly-traded company.  

There is a strong focus on Industrial Automation, Robotics and Supply Chain. 

ClearThink Capital

Provides strategic and transactional consulting services to small and medium-sized companies.

XIT has partnered with ClearThink for all things capital.

We assist emerging growth and lower middle market companies in achieving their business objectives by rendering expert guidance and perspective and by providing access to strategic, commercial, capital, merger & acquisition and other partners and structuring and executing the related transactions.

XIT Group is an M&A Advisory and Consultants that have backgrounds in business growth, business management and business EXITs.

We are Presidents, Sales People, Business people, Sales development people, not bankers, working to help you find strategic partners that fits your goals.

Talk to XIT Group before you sell to Private Equity.

Partner with VO Sales Group to improve your Sales Development.  Our Sales Plan are proven to be effective. We have stuffed over $450 Million in our customers’ sales funnels in just the last 2 or so years. An XIT Strategic Plan will allow you to get more money without having a larger Net Income.

We hear all the time – “I can’t sell until for a few more years… I need to grow my business (net income) before I attempt to sell…”

We are an Exit Consultant working toward an Exit Strategy.

XIT Group will work with you to sell your IP, not your Balance Sheet.

Do not sell to Private Equity

Sell to a Strategic Partner who values your Solutions, Products & IP

Sell to those that grow their Revenue with your Solution


XIT to the GAP