Looking to Buy a Vetted Company?

Find Intellectual Property that fills a GAP in your overall Solution.

Intellectual Property Based Point Solutions

XIT represents companies that have Intellectual Property that your company can use to build more revenue with your current product suite.

XIT vets our companies “point solutions” and then find them a home with a company that is looking to build out their points solutions to complement their enterprise suite of products.


Investment or Acquisition 

Most of the companies that we represent are not start-ups, they are mature revenue-producing companies with Intellectual Property.

In most cases, the company owners are looking for an EXIT.

Most owners have agreed to stay on for a year or so to go through the transition from their organization to yours.

Of course, any of this is negotiable. 

The Checklist

The checklist is long. Unlike those that just float their income statement and balance sheet, we will spend time on all of the goodwill and Intellectual Property that a seller has.

We are looking for a buyer that is a good fit or a seller.

Unlike Private Equity which just makes investments, XIT is involved in putting 2 companies together to make for a stronger overall solution provider.


Looking for an Exit Consultant

When you are looking to acquire and are unsure of the solution, its viability in the marketplace, its IP, XIT can act as an Exit Consultant.

When you have a missing “piece” to complete your Strategic’s solution set we have that piece.

When you identify that one piece that you need to win more revenue and have an end-to-end solution set.  Let XIT Group help you find those missing pieces.

It is our contention that there is a market consolidation going on and hence many Strategics will be making acquisitions.  XIT and VO Sales Group are identifying these companies during our normal business week.

Buy a company that helps complete your Solutions suite.


Acquire a Vetter Company

Hire an Exit Consultant

Fill the Strategic GAP